D Guitar Chord

The D guitar chord played in the open position on guitar is proabably the happiest sounding of all the guitar chords! A D major chord is made up of the notes D (root note), A (perfect 5th) and F# (major 3rd). In this D chord guitar lesson you’ll learn several voicings and positions to play D major on your guitar.

The first D chord shape you will learn is probably the most important, it’s a D major open chord:

D major open chord
Next we take a look at some interesting D chord shapes that are played further up the guitar neck. The nice thing about these shapes is we can play the open D string with them and this gives us some unique voicings for this guitar chord. It’s also helpful to learn the full D major barre chord which is played at the 10th fret starting on the low E string:

D major bar chord
This lesson finishes off by showing you the cool sounding open D octave chord. It’s a tight chord to hold but it definately sounds sweet with those high notes in there! This octave chord is the same shape as the open chord, but is played up one octave (12 frets away).