Guitar Chords For Beginners

Its always a good idea to learn some basic guitar chords for beginners when you first start playing guitar. These easy guitar chords are usually open chords, which means that they are played at the nut position and usually contain atleast one open string in the chord shape. In this guitar chords lesson you will learn ten easy guitar chords that are presented in a logical and intuitive order for beginner guitarists to learn as quickly as possible:

The first beginner guitar chord you’ll learn is E minor because you only need two fingers to hold this chord, and the rest of the strings are played open. The next logical chord after this is E major because all you need to do is add one more finger to an E minor chord to get E major. This is followed by an A minor guitar chord because when you move the shape of an E chord down one string each you get A minor, starting from an open A string (not an E string!). From A minor it only take one finger to switch positions to give us C major, as you will see in the video. Up next is a D guitar chord which is played on the G, B and e strings with an open D string as the first and lowest note.
Now we’re onto an A guitar chord, which has several possibities for finger variations as seen in the video. The next chord is a B major chord, which is actually a barre chord and does not contain any open strings. Following this you will be shown a B7 guitar chord in the open position which sounds great and is fun to learn. After this you’ll learn a G guitar chord which contains a big finger stretch and up to three open strings, giving a full, lush sound. Finally we finish off with a F guitar chord which can be challenging for some at first since it is a full barre chord, but if you watch the video you’ll see a trick to learning these type of chords quickly.

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