F# Guitar Chord

In this video lesson you will learn to play an F# guitar chord. The notes in this major chord are F# – root note, C# – perfect 5th, and A# – major 3rd. Check it out:

An F# guitar chord must always be played as a bar chord shape since there are no open strings that contain the notes we need for this chord. First you will learn a simple F#5 power-chord, beginning at the second fret of the E string (an F# note). Next, a fully barred F# major chord is demonstrated for you, with all the note locations explained:

F# guitar chord

Make sure you can hear each note ring out separately before you give it a strum. The next version of F# you learn is another barre chord, this time with an A string root note. On the 9th fret of A there is another F# note, and when you plays this along with the eleventh frets of D, G, and B, you get another F# major chord. This lesson concludes by showing you a “D-shaped” version of this F# chord, which is played only on the G, B and e strings.