F Guitar Chord

The F guitar chord can be a challenge for many beginners to learn, but if you follow this easy guitar chord lesson you will see that it’s not too bad with a little practice. An F major chord is made up of the notes F (root note), A (major 3rd), and C (perfect 5th).

This guitar lesson begins first with an F5 powerchord, which is probably the easiest way to play F major, since you only need to hold down two different notes (F – root and C – 5th). After this we take a look at holding down a full F major barre chord on your guitar:

F guitar chord

The guitar chord TAB for F major looks like this:

F chord guitar TAB
The challenge is to hold down this chord and get a clean sound, especially with the notes the index finger is barring, because the strings will make a buzz sound if not fretted hard enough! Another cool way to hold an F chord is by using your thumb:

F major thumbed chord

After playing these F guitar chord patterns we take a look at some other ways to play F major – as a powerchord beginning on the D string, and as a Barre chord with an A string root (8th fret). Be sure to get your free printable easy chords book right here!

C Guitar Chord

A C guitar chord is made up of three different notes played together at the same time. C is the root note, E is the major 3rd and G is the perfect 5th. In this video guitar chord lesson you will learn several C major guitar chord voicings and also how to play a C barre chord and octave chord at the 12th fret position:

First we begin with a C major open chord, which includes and open G and e string:

open C chord

Next you will learn a C barre chord played from the A string down (3rd fret of A is a C note), and fretted using mostly your ring finger (3) as the barre finger.

After this we go up to the 8th fret of the E string (a C note) to play a C major barre chord:

C Major Bar Chord
This C guitar chord lesson finishes off with a cool C octave open chord played at the 12th fret position. It begins on the 15th fret of the A string (a C note) and includes the 14th fret of D (an E note) an open G string, the 13th fret of B (a C note) and an open e string. This is the sam chord shape as an open position C chord, but the octave notes give a new and interesting sound to this chord.

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